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Cocina Tradicional Espanola
Gloria Sanjuan

Las Masias y La Cocina Popular Catalana
Josep Bracons, Antonio Porpetta, Academia Española de Gastronomía

Tapas : The Little Dishes of Spain
Penelope Casas
In chapters such as Tapas in Sauce; Marinades, Patés, Salads, and Other Cold Tapas; and Tapas with Bread or Pastry, Casas provides a definitive selection of the traditional Spanish bar food--dishes to pass out at a gathering, to serve on a buffet, or to make a party of. Readers wishing an introduction to this versatile food, and the culinary culture in which it thrives, will want this bestselling book.

Tapas Bar: Casual Spanish Cooking at Home
Sophie Brissaud, Yves Bagros (Photographer), Laurence du Tilly (Designer)
Tapas bars are multiplying everywhere. Tapas comes from the Spanish word tapa, lid, as they were originally served on small plates covered by wine glasses (to keep the flies away). A few slices of Chorizo, served with some olives is how the whole craze started. Undoubtedly, today's tapas are most memorable when served with wines of Jerez. The recipes in this book make it easy to prepare an unforgettable feast for your friends. The recipes allow for variations in quantities, permitting you to adapt your menu to the number of guests. Most recipes here are for traditional tapas. But there are no hard and fast rules. Any dish can become a tapa, when served in small quantity among other delicious tidbits.

New Tapas: Today's Best Bar Food from Spain
Fiona Dunlop, Jan Baldwin (Photographer)
Spain's most popular culinary tradition -- tapas -- is enjoying a renaissance. In New Tapas, travel writer Fiona Dunlop visits Spain's most creative young chefs in a tour of the distinct regions of the country, presenting simple dishes that represent the most tempting new food being served in Spain's top tapas bars and restaurants. Some of the dishes fuse traditional Spanish cuisine with international influences, while others are earthy, fresh and indisputably Spanish. All are easy to make -- the simplicity of ingredients and preparation belies their exquisite flavors. Recipes are arranged by region imparting a cultural understanding of this magnificent, passionate country and its favorite little dishes. 150 color photographs are included.

Delicioso! The Regional Cooking of Spain
Luis Casas (Illustrator), Penelope Casas (Author)
Bursting with the enticing and varied flavors of the seven culinary regions of Spain, this new cookbook by the most knowledgeable American expert on Spanish cuisine takes readers on a gastronomic journey filled with new discoveries. Over 400 recipes. of color photos.

Paella!: Spectacular Rice Dishes from Spain
Penelope Casas

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